Revere Tattoo is here to elevate your tattoo experience.  We are located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area – Hayward, California. We are a diverse team of professional artists with expertise in custom color, traditional, black and gray, Polynesian tribal, Filipino, realism, old school, new school, Asian art, and many more.

Tattooing is a tool for us to express our art; respecting the stories and histories that people want to tell. That respect and admiration is what creates the unique tattooing experience here at Revere Tattoo. We take our time to get to know our clients and the stories behind their tattoos.




Feel deep respect or admiration for (something).

respect, admire, honor, think highly of, esteem, hold in high esteem, hold in high regard, look up to, put on a pedestal, lionize, reverence



Tuesday – Saturday

12:30PM – 9:00PM