Josh Kaleikau



Wsup, my name is Josh and it might sound dumb, but tattooing found me, not the other way around haha...Ive ALWAYS loved drawing, first day of school i drew a big ol' sad face crying lol cuz I wasn't feelin it! In Jr high, I started taggin w my boy RIF, then pieces. I came to the game a lil late ,but I believe everything happens for a reason!I did my apprenticeship for 2 years, w respect for the traditions n love for all the old school tattooers that have made tattooing what it is today. One of my goals is to one day give back to tattooing..thanx for providing me a livelihood, real talk.

Im a dad, a job I take VERY seriously, got 5 kids and i love em to death!! My kids saved my life, and though I would STILL tattoo if it paid minimum wage, I do what I do for them and my wifey...

Working at a "street shop" I have enjoyed doing ALL styles of tattooing, but I LOVE doing traditional and colorful tattys, and of course, custom script( if u want a graf tat, HOLLERRR, lol) Im still learning everyday, something I find refreshing and know how truly blessed I am to get paid to do something I love!

    "Make good decisions,and don't talk to strangers" hahaha Josh

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